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We make it easy for VCs, accelerators, and financial specialists to work with their portfolio companies and clients on Finmark.

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Finmark has been built for

Venture Capitalists

Finmark gives you unparalleled accuracy and transparency -- Instantly access up-to-date KPIs, actuals, and budget for your all of your portfolio companies.


Best-in-class education and tools -- Simplify and streamline financial modeling for your founders while they learn from experienced entrepreneurs who have done it all before.

Financial Specialists

Be your clients’ hero -- Make financial modeling and planning easier and more convenient for your clients, while creating new revenue streams for your business.

“I strongly believe that Finmark is building foundational tools for great technology companies to power their business. We see a world where every startup will use Finmark on day one.”

Tim Draper

Founder, Draper Associates


Why Startups Love Finmark

Accurate Data

No manual calculations and formulas needed. Finmark automatically calculates metrics and data so your data is clean and reliable.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Get set up and onboarded in minutes, not days. Maintaining and updating models is as easy as a few clicks.

Always Up to Date with Actuals

Integrate your stack to reconcile your actuals: accounting softwares like Quickbooks & Xero, payment processors like Stripe & Zuora, payroll like Gusto & ADP, and even your bank account.

Effortless Collaboration

Our dashboards make it easy for clients to share, present and collaborate on their financial models with key stakeholders.

More Than Planning

Monitor key financial metrics about your company at any given moment without having to dig through old, potentially outdated spreadsheets

Instant Model Comparison

Change assumptions in seconds and compare scenario outcomes in just a few clicks.

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