Financial Modeling Made Easy.

Finmark eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets with a simple to use platform, so founders can easily create, update, and share their financial plans. Ensure your financials hit the mark. Every time.

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Fast and easy setup.

Building a business takes time. Getting up and running on Finmark doesn’t. Our rapid onboarding process will help you build out a financial model for your company in minutes. Leaving you plenty of time to focus on what’s important: growing the next great startup!

Ensure your financials hit the mark. Every time.

No two startups are the same. That’s why relying on canned models is so dangerous. They don’t take into account all the things that make you, you. With Finmark, every model is custom-tailored to your business. This leads to the most accurate financials possible because they’re not some best guess. They are truly your financials.


It is vital for a founder to be able to easily see how much money is in the bank. Many startups have inaccurate timelines of their cash flows and therefore could be headed toward a cliff without knowing it. Finmark gives founders a way to quickly determine if they are on the path to becoming cash flow positive or running out of money -without having to do all the math.

Hiring Plan.

Hiring is the biggest budgetary item a startup has, as most of its dollars go toward people. Yet it can be difficult for a founder to know which roles to allocate that money to make it most impactful on the business. Finmark provides an easy way to see who you should be hiring.

Fundraising Needs.

Whether or not to fundraise is a core question all founders wrestle with at startups. It can be difficult to know when is the right time and how much money is needed for the business. Finmark allows a founder to easily know how much you need to fundraise and whether you’re on track to reach your goals.

Metrics & Reporting.

As a founder, you need to know key financial metrics about your company at any given moment without having to dig through old, potentially outdated spreadsheets. Finmark gives founders an intuitive dashboard and custom reporting to easily create, update, and share all of your important financial metrics.

Actuals Synched Automatically.

Finmark integrates with your entire stack to magically reconcile your actuals without any manual entry. Integrations include accounting software like Quickbooks & Xero, payment processors like Stripe & Zuora, Payroll like Gusto & ADP, and even with your bank account.


Built by Founders. For Founders

We’ve been in your shoes. Having built our own startups we know that startup models are usually wrong from day one. Financial modeling is difficult and time consuming. Spreadsheets are error-prone, poor for collaboration and version control is a nightmare. We knew something better was needed. So we built it. And now our team is obsessed with bringing it to other founders to help them better plan for their future.

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