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Collaborate and share.

One real-time source to create, manage and share your financial plan with internal and external stakeholders.

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Awards And Accolades

Collaborative Planning

sharing a scenario with viewer-only permission selected

Empower your team.

Invite internal stakeholders, on a need-to-know basis, to get the data you need to build and update your plan and give them ownership over their numbers.

comment thread in Finmark discussing overage spend on Facebook ads

Collaborate where your plan lives.

Details about your financial plan shouldn’t be buried in long unread email chains. Tag team members and leave comments and annotations right in your dashboard.

expense summary with comment about increasing Facebook ad budget

Create more accurate budgets and forecasts.

Get context from department heads to understand the “why” behind budget variances, unplanned expenses, or headcount changes. Then use those insights to update your forecast.

“Finmark empowers the team. Marketing can look at how their spending converts to leads, which gets picked up by the sales team. Then we can look at our sales conversion and build on our headcount and quota. And then that carries through to our client success team.”

Norman Menz

CEO - Flare

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Total revenue chart with comment about increased facebook ads spend driving faster customer acquisition

One source of truth.

Finmark consolidates your marketing, sales, HR, and financial data in one place, giving everyone visibility into what happened and why.

runway graph comparing baseline and upside plans

Keep everyone marching towards the same goal.

Use custom or pre-built charts to show your team how you’re pacing towards goals, when and if changes need to be made, and what the impact will be.

Don’t just take our word for it

“The greatest power of Finmark is that the team can collaborate and use it as a resource. The other platforms were more of a burden, so people didn't want to update them. We weren't using them for planning or helping build the business; we were using them reactively.”

Norman Menz

CEO - Flare

flare logo
“Finmark makes it easy for us to get an overview of our finances in one place. It's simple to use and saves us hours of tedious work, so we can focus on growing our business.”

Ruben Schultz

Co-Founder - Swoop

swoop logo
"Finmark has saved us tons of time and stress as we've been growing Realworld — it has allowed us to better understand how decisions around a fundraise, new hire salary, or pricing strategy can impact our bottom line. It's my favorite tool to recommend."

Genevieve Ryan Bellaire

Founder and CEO - Realworld

Realworld logo

Share With Confidence

sharing a scenario with viewer level permissions

Control who sees what.

With custom permission settings, you have complete control over who can access your financial plans, down to the scenario level.

invite a new member module with access to employee data box checked

Hide sensitive information.

Prevent version control nightmares by hiding sensitive employee data (e.g. salaries, bonuses, and commissions) for specific users.

share scenario with an investor

Share internally, and externally.

Give investors and your board insights into your financial plan under your terms. Choose which scenario they can see and even grant read-only access.

With Finmark

  • Centralized data
  • All communication in-app
  • Complete version-control
  • Easily share your plans with investors and the board.

Without Finmark

  • Data spread across disparate systems
  • Difficult to share with multiple people
  • Struggle to share your plan externally
  • Conversations spread over email and spreadsheets

Plan and grow as a team.

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