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Share & collaborate on your financial plan.

Finmark makes it easy to share your financial plans with investors, leadership, and your employees.

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scenario sharing

Your financial plan shouldn’t live on an island.

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scenario sharing

Transparency, with control.

Want to share just the dashboard? Or share your full model, but hide salary data? With Finmark, you control which parts of your financial model you want to share.

financial model graphs


Spreadsheets weren’t made for presenting data. Use Finmark to share and present your model with beautiful charts, tables, and graphs.

leave notes in scenarios

Easier communication.

Add comments within each model you create so that everyone has context, and all your notes are consolidated in one place.

Don't just take our word for it

“Finmark gives founders peace of mind that their financials are accurate and keeps investors informed with reporting, providing founders with the confidence to spend their time on what they do best: growing their businesses.”

Mary D’Onofrio

Vice President - Bessemer Venture

Bessemer Venture
"I dropped out of undergrad in the middle of my Financial Accounting course. Thankfully, Finmark gave me a pseudo-doctorate in finance. In a beautifully designed dashboard, our finances and plans for continued growth are clear as day."

Matt Redler

CEO and CoFounder - Panther

“Finmark makes it easy for us to get an overview of our finances in one place. It's simple to use and saves us hours of tedious work, so we can focus on growing our business.”

Ruben Schultz

Co-Founder - Swoop

Swoop Logo
“Finmark is building foundational tools for great technology companies to power their business. We see a world where every startup will use Finmark on day one.”

Tim Draper

Founder - Draper Associates

Draper Associates
"Finmark has saved us tons of time and stress as we've been growing Realworld — it has allowed us to better understand how decisions around a fundraise, new hire salary, or pricing strategy can impact our bottom line. It's my favorite tool to recommend."

Genevieve Ryan Bellaire

Founder and CEO - Realworld

"I used to get anxiety about building and updating my model in Excel. In Finmark that anxiety has completely gone away."

Cameron Gibson

CEO and Co-Founder - JamFeed

“Finmark has changed the way we think about our finances… we're already making better-informed decisions on what we do with our money.”

Brian Daly

CEO and Co-Founder - Grandpal.co


Finmark vs Spreadsheets

Still using Spreadsheets for your financial modeling? Let’s compare the difference.


  • Total control over what gets shared
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Easy to understand


  • Version control is an ongoing issue
  • Collaboration is slow and tedious
  • Explanation required for how it works

Financial modeling built for teams

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