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How to Raise Pre-Seed Funding: A Guide for Founders

Founding and growing a company is filled with exciting, daunting, motivating, challenging, and, at times, anxiety-inducing experiences. One such experience that ticks… View Now

How to Write Investor Emails That Get a Response (Templates Included)

As a founder, how many emails do you get every month? 200? 500? 1,000? Things are getting pretty hard to manage at… View Now

Startup Funding Explained: Pre-seed, Seed, & Series A-D

You can have the best startup idea in the world, but unless you have the money to finance its growth, your idea… View Now
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Fundraising 101: How to Raise Your First Round

Raising your first round of funding can be daunting for any founder. How much should your raise? How do you find investors (and get them to give you the time of day)? How do you nail your pitch? Watch this video for the answers to these questions and more!

How to Manage & Model Early-Stage Startup Finances

Properly modeling, forecasting, and managing finances can make or break an early-stage startup. In this video, Rami Essaid shares best practices for startup CEOs to effectively manage and model their finances, from the pre-seed to Series A stages.