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A smarter way to hire.

Take the guesswork out of your hiring plan and forecast your future headcount needs.

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Automate Your Hiring Plan

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Keep your headcount up-to-date.

Finmark integrates with your HRIS to automatically update your hiring plan when new employees join your team, and alerts you when there’s a change.

add hiring driver in finmark

Create dynamic hiring plans.

Create custom triggers for new hires based on thousands of data points, including

  • Ratios based off other positions (i.e. one manager per seven sales reps)
  • Revenue goals
  • And more

payroll by department

Plan for every scenario.

Quickly create multiple hiring plans for your best and worst-case scenarios, so you’re always prepared.

“Finmark has saved us tons of time and stress as we’ve been growing Realworld—it has allowed us to better understand how decisions around a fundraise, new hire salary, or pricing strategy can impact our bottom line. It’s my favorite tool to recommend.”

Genevieve Ryan Bellaire

CEO - Realworld

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See the Full Picture of Hiring Decisions

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Measure the business impact of new hires.

Instantly see how hiring decisions impact your key metrics, from revenue to burn rate, runway, and more.

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Understand when and who to hire.

Analyze your current and projected KPIs in your dashboard to pinpoint the best time to hire, and which positions will have the biggest impact on your goals.

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Reconcile new hires against your plan.

Quickly compare your actual headcount to your plan. Quickly see which positions and departments are behind and share the data with stakeholders to optimize your forecast.

Don't just take our word for it

“Finmark gives founders peace of mind that their financials are accurate and keeps investors informed with reporting, providing founders with the confidence to spend their time on what they do best: growing their businesses.”

Mary D’Onofrio

Vice President - Bessemer Venture

Bessemer Venture
“The greatest power of Finmark is that the team can collaborate and use it as a resource. The other platforms were more of a burden, so people didn't want to update them. We weren't using them for planning or helping build the business; we were using them reactively.”

Norman Menz

CEO - Flare

flare logo
“Finmark’s out-of-the-box features make it possible for us to build complex drivers a lot quicker than anyone else is able to do presently.”

Dave Wilson

CFO - ProvenCFO

ProvenCFO logo
“I dropped out of undergrad in the middle of my Financial Accounting course. Thankfully, Finmark gave me a pseudo-doctorate in finance. In a beautifully designed dashboard, our finances and plans for continued growth are clear as day.”

Matt Redler

CEO - Panther

panther logo
“Finmark has saved us tons of time and stress as we've been growing Realworld — it has allowed us to better understand how decisions around a fundraise, new hire salary, or pricing strategy can impact our bottom line. It's my favorite tool to recommend.”

Genevieve Ryan Bellaire

CEO - Realworld

Realworld logo
“Finmark makes it easy for us to get an overview of our finances in one place. It's simple to use and saves us hours of tedious work, so we can focus on growing our business.”

Ruben Schultz

Co-Founder - Swoop

swoop logo
“Finmark is building foundational tools for great technology companies to power their business. We see a world where every startup will use Finmark on day one.”

Tim Draper

Founder - Draper Associates

Draper Associates

Finance + HR + Hiring Managers

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A single pane of glass.

Finance, HR, and hiring managers can easily collaborate to develop smarter hiring plans that align with your company’s goals.

  • Finance gets alerted about new positions
  • Hiring managers can add context to the hiring plan

list of roles in finmark

Scale your team without confusion.

As you scale to 50+ new team members each year, adding those new employees to your financial plan can get tricky. Finmark automates the process so your finance team is never in the dark.

invite new member to finmark

Flexible permission settings.

Customize your permission settings so stakeholders can access the data they need to make informed hiring decisions.

With Finmark

  • Data-informed hiring decisions
  • Automated hiring plan
  • Entire hiring team in one tool

Without Finmark

  • Manually updating plans every month
  • Switching through multiple tools
  • Over/Underestimating headcount needs

Hire with confidence.

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