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When it comes to helpful and up-to-date information about Fundraising, Finmark has you covered. Check out our latest articles below.

Fundraising 101

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Startup Funding Explained: Pre-seed, Seed, & Series A-D

You can have the best startup idea in the world, but unless you have the money to finance its growth, your idea… View Now

How to Raise Pre-Seed Funding: A Guide for Founders

Founding and growing a company is filled with exciting, daunting, motivating, challenging, and, at times, anxiety-inducing experiences. One such experience that ticks… View Now

How to Get Seed Funding – Step-by-Step Guide for Startups

There’s a common problem many startup founders face: They’ve got a strong idea with real potential, the beginnings of a great team,… View Now

Fundraising is Like Cruis’n USA: Top 5 Takeaways From Our Founder Institute Webinar

According to Finmark CEO Rami Essaid, raising your first round of funding is like plowing the road with your face. While that… View Now

You Got Funded, Now What?

Getting funded is an important milestone that’s worth celebrating. However, getting funded isn’t a finish line, it’s a beginning. The steps you… View Now


How to Pitch Investors: 14 Tips to Get Your Startup Funded

So, you’ve landed yourself a spot to sit down (or stand up) with an investor and pitch them your startup idea. Congrats!… View Now

How to Create a Pitch Deck Investors Want to See

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from “VC Twitter”, it’s that a lot of founders struggle to create great pitch decks. After… View Now

Finding Investors

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Angel Investors vs. Venture Capitalists: What’s The Difference?

Raising capital as a startup can be terrifying, especially for first-time founders with no real experience pitching to firms or networking with… View Now

12 Ways to Find The Perfect Angel Investor For Your Startup

Thinking of getting angel investors but not sure where to start? Where should you look? What questions should you ask them? How… View Now

How to Build Your Investor Pipeline (+ Free Template)

Partnering with your cofounder, landing your first customer, officially going to market; There are many milestones in a founder’s journey. Perhaps one… View Now

How to Write Investor Emails That Get a Response (Templates Included)

As a founder, how many emails do you get every month? 200? 500? 1,000? Things are getting pretty hard to manage at… View Now

10 Tips for Networking With Investors

By and large, the majority of hugely successful ventures are companies that were successful in raising funding from VCs or angel investors.… View Now

Watch our latest videos to learn more about the fundraising process.

Seed Funding & Financial Planning: A Guide to Raising Your First Funding

Raising your first round of funding can be daunting. How much should you raise, where do you start, and how do you find investors? In this video, Rami Essaid answers these questions and shares tips for startup leaders on how to raise their first seed or pre-seed rounds.


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